Sunday, June 30, 2013

Posting for the sake of posting

Since our beloved Google reader won't be with us tomorrow onwards, one last post that gets people here from it is in order.

I will be using bloglovin from now on.

When I started reading blogs, what I loved the most was watching a lot of blog posts on people's blogs, and then reading them one by one. Most of these guys were programmers, and I like to think I learnt a lot from them. I spend a whole weekend, 48 hours with a few hours of sleep here and there reading almost everything on Joel Spolsky's blog in last semester in college. I want my blog to be something like that for someone new.  Exciting and addicting.

Digressing for the sake of digressing
I have been in Delhi from some time now, and have been using the Metro quite a lot. I have found that people normally ignore the CISF staff, who most visibly check our baggage, and well, ... us.

So, since the last 2 weeks or so, I have started asking them how they've been. It is still a weird experience for me and the CISF  uys, but what the hell. Mostly it is only the guy with the body checking metal-detector thing who gets asked how he is. Something like 'aur sirjee, kya haal hain?' sure surprises the CISF guys.

Coming to think of it, most of us here are kind of thank-less when it comes to mostly invisible or taken for granted people. I remember going somewhere with my mom and a cousin last year, and being on the wheel (being a control freak) and not knowing the way. So, after asking people about the next town etc., I was thanking them saying 'shukriya' (Hindi). And both ladies thought it was funny, and made sure I knew it, and that I remembered it for a few days. How can thanking someone be a silly thing to do?

But whatever, that does not mean I am gonna stop saying 'thanks' anytime soon.

It is time to bloglovin for the sake of bloglovin. Or to get to some other blog feed. :-)

Monday, June 3, 2013

Diary entry for May 27

Thanks to a comment by I-HEARD-YOU, here is what I wrote in my diary thingy on 27th of the last month.

Nothing personal in it, and no swearing!

Vikas Ruhela is a senior from college, an intellectual character, and a cool photographer, who discussed a few things with me and who was made to click this photo because apparently, neither me, nor my Galaxy ace are good enough for this.