Monday, April 27, 2015

Omnious or just Unlucky?

Many times we hear of someone being omnious. Mostly because they underwent some sort of personal tragedy.

This is so prevalent, it almost seems true. Oh, they can't have a child. Must have done some sort of bad things in a previous life. She just sits and stares into the wall, must be some kind of bad luck. 

What I think is that tragedy makes a person bitter or sad or plain negative. Just like being poor for a lot of time will make a person worrisome. Or like being powerful makes a person arrogant. A person who lived in violence in their childhood is more ready to fight in self defense in any situation. Going on with the same line of thought, and since we are all like Pavlov's dogs, we just assume a negative person is inherently negative and therefore in a situation of suffering.

Takes a lot of effort to get past such perceptions.

As with all posts on this blog, this one too is not original. But this time, I think it is not really good to name the person who (for want of a better word )inspired this post. This guy is really happy and in a great situation, so much so that I could not see any kind of bitterness in him. This is how I thought of this post. As with all posts on this blog, I always tell the people who inspire a post about the post, but this time, it saves me a "You write? I guess any stupid person can write" discussion :-)