Thursday, September 5, 2013

7 things

Over the past 5-6 months, I have been offered awards by fellow bloggers approximately 2.00000000001 times. But I kind of ignored them because of my own vanity and laziness. I still don't like awards but it feels disrespectful of these guys when you just don't say anything on it.

This post is dedicated to "ME" and "I-Heard-U". Thanks to both of you for considering me worthy of it. Turns out I am not :-)

And from now on, new agenda: shorter blog posts. Consider it more of a constraint :-)

Here are 7 things about me:

1. Messed up mind

I tend to think too much. So much that sometimes I am in a mentally blank or numb state because of so many things. And it is a very peaceful state of mind. I am able to feel happy and guilty for the same thing. Similarly, angry and forgiving, and, remorseful and past-rationalizing. Its a bit complicated ... and great :-)

2. Love for Hindi and Punjabi

I totally love these two languages. If it was socially acceptable to say that your mom had two tongues, I would surely say that I have two mother tongues :-) 

3. Love for food

This one, I am sure everyone who knows me, knows. Though lots of people and my dad tell me I am missing a lot by being vegetarian and not drinking etc., I love what I can have.

4. Love for my mom

This one has been stamped on me. I love my mom just like any other person, but my friends seem to have taken an exception to it. This all can be credited to one Navdeep Toor. 

5. Love for reading... randomly

This one I suspect is true for every blogger. Though I am not sure about the random part :-)

6. Love for hypocrisy

With growing up as a person, I am slowly and a bit hesitatingly starting to accept that I am a hypocrite. This is because I have different standards for others and for me. I am thankful for my life to have provided me with situations to discover this aspect of mine, though. Something to change in myself, even if a lofty ideal, is welcome.

7. Love for lazing around

This is so true that it did not need mentioning. I can do something, and keep on doing it, just to avoid doing something else.