Friday, October 21, 2016

Want some water? Or tea?

As children, we were taught to always offer water to anyone who comes to our home. Guests, friends, delivery persons, electricians, plumbers and so on and so forth.

My parents, especially my mother spent a lot of time and effort on this.

Now, one of my coworkers pointed out the other day that I was always asking people who came to our end of the office if they needed water to drink, or if they could spare a moment for some tea.  Some others too have noticed this. Since I have a rather sensitive bladder myself, I sometimes point visitors from outside the office to the toilet, albeit discreetly.

I am hoping that my coworker was not criticising me, and that she was not being sarcastic.  One of the lessons I have learnt in my quarter of a century in this world is that everything  is to be considered a compliment unless specified otherwise.

I haven't thanked my coworker for the compliment. Not yet.

But I did call my mother and told her this. After all, she started it. Even though I was neutral on the observation vs. compliment thing, she was happy. Or as happy as you can percieve someone to be on the phone.

I don't know why I wrote this post. Most likely because I have not written since some time.

Also, no idea why, I try not to start sentences with "I", but more often than not, this is what I end up doing. Hard to keep oneself happy all the time. Sufficiently satisfied is better than full on happiness. Or maybe ignorance is bliss. "I" will never know :-)