Thursday, January 28, 2016

Age: just a number, until you want to "school" someone younger

So today at my workplace, something simmering for the last few months came to a head. Someone who had to do something with the simmering decided to consult a superior. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

The superior, Mr. S, duly pointed out that the whole thing was my fault. I do not agree, at least not completely.

But he might be right because I am an all round bad judge of people, situations, and of my and others' roles and responsibilities. Also, I completely adore the man as a professional and as a person and have no reasons to believe he said what he said without firmly believing it.

While discussing the matter, one of the things he mentioned was that Ms. So-And-So has probably been with the organisation since before I was born. I felt that this implied that I should not have taken the situation so far.

This logic does not feel right to me. Thinking of it, Adolf Hitler must be of the age of my great-grandmother, a lady I have never met. But this does not mean that I too should devise a Holocaust of my own. (Definitely not the best of examples here.)

What worries me is that I might have hurt and/or let down a few people, including but not limited to Mr. S and Ms. So-And-So. It is one thing to playfully tease your co-workers or to let things heat up on purpose, but having this happen when unintended is not right. Did I not mention I am more of a master of disaster?

I definitely need to be a bit more diplomatic and "positive".