Monday, April 18, 2016

Dealing with emergencies

Someone I know had to be taken to the hospital for a surgery. Nothing major. Just a routine daycare thing.

On arrival, our guy was admitted and we were told the surgery would begin at 11:00 am. Somehow, 11:00 am came and went. Then, noon and 1:00 PM passed. We got a bit angry, but only enough to feel like idiots later.

What had happened in fact was that the doctor/surgeon was busy doing an emergency procedure. Around 01:40, hospital staff came to take our guy for the procedure.

This raised a question.

How to deal with emergencies?

Hospitals have emergency rooms. ICRs, IICRs, what have you.

Sports teams have more players than needed to play.

Most armed and paramilitary forces have "rear" and "reserve" units.

Most people try to save money for the proverbial rainy day. Some are able to invest in something as well.

What are some of your personal, organizational, or any other tips for dealing with emergencies?


  1. In case of emergency, don't panic. Think calmly. That is what I do.

    Are you sure the doctor was really doing an emergency procedure? This may be their silly excuse. In India, if they delay the plane for any reason, they announce that there is a technical snag.

  2. Real emergencies are a good excuse for doctors to be late. The cat always stays ahead, that helps him if life craps on us.

  3. Planning and a bit of foresight tend to minimize emergencies but, when they happen I am very appreciative of those who devote their working lives to resolving them.

  4. In india nobody prepares for an emergency. They just act on the spot with their meagre resources and presence of mind. Expecting anything more is a bit of a long shot. Keep your fingers crossed and hang chilli and lemon in your car to avoid emergencies